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Definition of a bear

1 18 2017 - No comment

What does it mean to be a bear? Being a bear on the financial markets means selling shares that you don’t have and buying them back later at a lower price. This technique is also called short selling or shorting. This imagery is used because when bears attack the movement is from a high position […]

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The quantitative analyst profession

1 11 2017 - No comment

What is a quantitative analyst? Quants or quantitative analysts are math addicts who do "tough math" to develop new pricing models, risk measures and hedging systems. These models are then used by traders to assess the value of their financial assets more accurately, and more generally to mathematically manage their operations. Quantitative analysis is the […]

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Okun’s law

1 4 2017 - No comment

The relationship between unemployment and growth What is the relationship between economic growth and unemployment? Okun's law provides an answer to this fundamental question. Arthur Malvin Okun, an American economist, economic adviser to President Kennedy and professor at Yale University is one of my favourite modern economists, because Okun’s law is both simple (which is […]

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The trader profession

1 4 2017 - No comment

 What is a trader? Firstly, before wanting to become a TRADER, it is good to know the daily activities of this profession. A trader is "a wholesaler" whose role is to provide liquidity on the markets, they are therefore  market makers. Specifically, when a customer calls a bank to buy or sell securities, he is […]

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DAX 30 index: History, composition and trading of the DAX 30 index

12 8 2016 - No comment

History of the DAX 30 index The DAX 30 or Deutscher Aktieninde is the main German stock market. It brings together the 30 most important German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is the main European stock index on the world market. It was established at the beginning of the 1980s but it […]

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Rational choice

12 7 2016 - No comment

What is rational choice? In all areas of a person’s life, they act rationally when it is a question of decision making. For example, during an investment decision, an investor makes his choice according to the utility which ensues from it. The possible benefit obtainable from each decision is considered. It is this level of […]

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Psychology in trading, the key to being a successful trader

11 30 2016 - No comment

Psychology in trading, the key to being a successful trader   For the 20 plus years that I have been trading, I have seen thousands of traders who focus on their method of trading and their money management system. Some of them spend years finding and developing a type of “Holy Grail” technical application by […]

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