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A newbie to Bitcoin

par laurencehanlin » 03 avr. 2019 11:10

Hello, I'm new AT bitcoin, I'd like to experience what it's like and if anyone could give me the minimum amount of Bitcoin AT least and if possible the address back so I try to reverse the same amount. Since now, grateful.

Re: A newbie to Bitcoin

par Amarantine » 03 avr. 2019 11:16

Hi laurencehanlin and Welcome to Andlil.
merci for your Presentation, We are please to welcome you among our community of trader. Here you ll be able to, discuss, share, get help and advice, without being criticized in a community that prone respect. We expect a minimum participation from you and hope you ll enjoy yourself here

Here is the reading for new members containing the rules of this Forum. It 's compulsory to read it and respect it to avoid any protest from the administrators or a ban of this Forum.
See you soon on the Forum

Re: A newbie to Bitcoin

par ChristelleP » 03 avr. 2019 11:45

Hello laurencehanlin, welcome here. :-)

Here is the link that you should read and that is about the rules of the community :


If you have some difficulties to read it, you can use

Re: A newbie to Bitcoin

par Amarantine » 03 avr. 2019 11:56

Ah oui, j'avais oublié le lien (c'était Darth qui m'avait écrit le message en anglais). Tu es mon bras droit. :lol: :mercichinois:

Re: A newbie to Bitcoin

par ChristelleP » 03 avr. 2019 12:55

:) :)

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