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Do you want to improve your english ?

par VigVag » 08 avr. 2021 19:00


I'm a french guy who want to progress in english
If you want to talk about anything, we can try to speak together.

I can speak in present:
-I'm learning AT home some rules of english grammar.
-He walks everyday.

I can speak in past:
-we were talking about our childhood last day.
-we ate together every monday

And futur too:
-I will go to take a break

But, I don't know how to use the present perfect, what is the difference with the past continous. and the present perfect progressive ?

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par Breakout » 08 avr. 2021 19:13


Allow me to correct your English a little bit, not that mine is perfect, far from it.
I am here to improve my skills like you.
It would be better if you said "who would like to" instead of "who want"

I don't know the answer to your question because my English sucks ! Sorry I have never been good with grammar and tenses :P

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par chub16 » 09 avr. 2021 10:51

Hi guys, that is one good topic.

I have tried ;) a long time ago to work by myself on my english skills. But what you should do VigVag, you would rather speak or write with people on top of studying by yourself.

Try this

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par Breakout » 09 avr. 2021 11:34

One of the hardest thing for me is to improve my oral expression. Whenever I try to talk in English I get stuck on words and I think in french instead of thinking in English which is bad.
In order to talk fluently I must spend a lot of time with native speakers for my brain to adjust.

It's much easier to write in english and I usualy never have any problem watching a movie without subtitles when the accent is not too pronounced.

One good way to improve is to watch/read a lot of content in English and look for the words or expressions I don't understand.

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par VigVag » 12 avr. 2021 18:43

Today, I have worked with my new teacher to improve my skills in english. (present perfect :p)

My teacher advice me to do what you have wrote @Breakout plus make a book and write every single word which I don't recognize
So, I will start watching True Detective in VO with subtitles in english to exercise me.
Every week, with my teacher, we are going to check up my knowledge about the vocabulary who I didn't know last week.

I'm going to begin to improve my knowledge about verb + preposition:

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par Breakout » 12 avr. 2021 20:38

You seem very dedicated to make some progress VigVag ! Good to know that your teacher told you the same.
I found it to be very difficult and tedious to search and write everything I didn't understand (with a real dictionary as there was no internet before) but in the end it's VERY rewarding and well worth the effort !
Soon you will have access to a lot more information and culture which otherwise you wouldn't know. It's like expending your brain !

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par VigVag » 12 avr. 2021 23:36

In a perfect world, I would like to know 5 languages
French, English, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish
It's my personnal goal

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par Breakout » 13 avr. 2021 13:02


Why do you include French ? Don't you know it already ?

If I could I would like to know chinese first then japanese and arabic.
Also it would great to know how to read some of the old languages like hebrew, aramaic and sumerian to study the exact meaning and stories of the ancient texts.

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par VigVag » 14 avr. 2021 14:08

Sure, I know it haha.

I have some international project. Like exemple, in Africa I woulk like to build school, but also to make a better sewage system.
And for that, I need to speak more than French.
But AT first time, as soon as I can speak English fluently, I will participate in Service Volontaire International (
Make more money(with stock exchange), to learn English with a teacher, and also to participate in SVI.

that's why I wake up every day.

Japanese is very funny to listen.
Their culture, like China, are very old.
Lot of thing to learn about them.

Are you an archeologue ? Or something like that lol
It's very rare to meet someone who want to learn old languages.
I didn't know "sumerian" until now (the word, the signification).

Re: Do you want to improve your english ?

par VigVag » 14 avr. 2021 14:14

It's very hard for me to make a conversation.
I'm someone who rarely speak with people.
But it's very funny for me, because I'm forcing myself to make a conversation.
It's a beautiful exercise.

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