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Russian Virus

par petter67 » 08 Mai 2017 01:29

Greetings I would like to report what happened to me. All my money that I had in NINJATRADER I have lost, merci to a virus that I suppose I downloaded next to an EA of a Russian forum. He accessed my accounts and operated in a disorderly way and I could do nothing to prevent it. I warn you to be careful.

Re: Russian Virus

par chad » 08 Mai 2017 11:22

I'm sorry for you !

May be, in future, consider to use a linux or mac system ; infinitely more safe.

Personnaly I use Debian 8 (jessie) (linux system)


Re: Russian Virus

par petter67 » 08 Mai 2017 16:23

Thank you very much for the information, I will take it into account for the future.