100 questions de culture boursière et économique by Tulipe

Re: Culture Bourse by Tulipe Q12

par falex » 09 Jan 2014 22:41

Extrait de la page d'IG et de l'accès qu'il propoent aux Dark pool :
Dark pools

Our technology also connects you to the dark pools provided by MTFs like Chi-X’s Delta or BATS Europe’s Dark Pool. These are orders not displayed on the lit books but are available for you to trade against. Dark liquidity pools are often used by institutional investors who do not wish to reveal the price, size and origin of their orders.

This means that as well as the liquidity visible on the lit order books, trading share CFDs with IG gives you unparalleled access to the non-displayed liquidity found in the dark pools. This means you can take advantage of even greater levels of liquidity, increasing the likelihood of your orders being filled and the potential for better prices.

Re: Culture Bourse by Tulipe Q12

par 6ans » 10 Jan 2014 00:09

Très bonne idée ce question/culture bourse.
Merci Tulipe. Tu sembles en connaitre un sacré rayon ! ;)

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