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Europe blames UK for the eurozone debt crisis

par simplesoul » 01 oct. 2012 14:37

Europe blames UK for the eurozone debt crisis

what do you think?

Re: Europe blames UK for the eurozone debt crisis

par Benoist Rousseau » 01 oct. 2012 17:52

Global economic system.
Global culpability.

Fragility of global economic system amplified by currency union between partners of widely differing strength.

The poor old PIIGS are simply in the wrong place AT the wrong time.

Re: Europe blames UK for the eurozone debt crisis

par beni » 02 oct. 2012 18:32

I think it's just the usual way to run away our responsabilities.

I don't think that City's bankers came with a gun and threathened us to spend money you had not.

They maybe came with a black suitcase full of €, met the politicians and said :"You need growth to be re-elected, sign here, don't read, take the money". You know, like in the movies :lol:

No serioulsy, finding culprits is easier than reassess our way of life. And it's normal, nobody wants to hear: "you can't have a new TV/car/flat/Iphone" or "I promise you blood toil tears and sweat"

So for me, we spent money we had not, everybody knows that, but not because of the City. So if you're a banker from the City, don't worry, i won't blame you. :mrgreen:

PS: sorry for my "google Translate english" :lol:

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