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Trading commentaries - May '17

par brucy » 09 mai 2017 09:32

Interesting times to trade. And equally dangerous.
French elections are now gone , and to this day , we've experienced the typical dynamic of blow off tops and profit taking selling the news near the 12800 dax , cash price.

Yesterday was a very profitable day for your guest, since it was pretty clear that selling forces were predominant A dynamic rarely seen these days. Today , (09/05) the German index rallied during Premarket , only to be stopped again , near the 750ish area.

We are still in an upward channel from yesterday's lows and generally speaking on any time frames since the beginning of the year, but today or tomorrow could be pivotal for the things to come in the short term.

Meanwhile, any technical selling should be taken with a grain of salt , and traded with great suspicion.

Re: Trading commentaries - May '17

par cocotrade » 24 mai 2017 17:56

Ideal market for scalpers, I am not a scalper :D

Thus I am waiting for a breakdout of this channel, whatever the side. In the case of a breakdown I will look for a bearish fall toward the 12400 cluster level (historical highs recently broken and a fibonacci projection).
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Re: Trading commentaries - May '17

par brucy » 24 juin 2017 10:54

A quote that went to me while writing in in -'s journal , i thought it was funny and kinda true , now that that i mention it.

So i translated it.

The most interesting paradox in trading is that our survival instinct works in reverse. Taking a large loss in order to avoid a small one can compared to choosing a train rolling over you rather than a mosquito b ite to avoid the risk of an itchy arm.

Re: Trading commentaries - May '17

par cocotrade » 26 juin 2017 15:20

Yeah it's a funny comparison.

Re: Trading commentaries - May '17

par falex » 26 juin 2017 15:24

any reason to speak english ?

Re: Trading commentaries - May '17

par beni » 26 juin 2017 19:24

I may misunderstood but I think it is the whole point of this sub-forum :mrgreen:

Re: Trading commentaries - May '17

par falex » 27 juin 2017 07:04

OMG you're right. I4ve miss the english sub-section.

I run back to the french side of this forum.

Re: Trading commentaries - '17

par brucy » 13 juil. 2017 14:09

Right , mid july so far...

Need to write here more frequently , although its mainly for myself :D

Even if "summer doldrums" , as they say , is upon us , my favorite german index is still displaying a decent amount of volatility.
Albeit it has fallen short of breaking 13k level , and instead lost a few hundred points fall june..

Interesting. Today i thought about forgetting the short side for good and only trade long setup and configurations , but one always has to keep strong opinions , weakly held.

Its always what this is about : Strong opinions , because you need to pull the trigger , weakly held , because you need to admit being wrong.

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